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This Course is comprised of 13 Macro Watch videos, 11 of which were first published on Macro Watch during 2018.  No additional videos will be added to this course in the future.

Subscribers to this course will be able to log in to the course and view it on the Macro Watch website.  The videos cannot be downloaded.  However, the charts that accompany the videos can be.  There are more than 450 downloadable charts.

Macro Watch subscribers already have access to all the videos in this course as part of their Macro Watch subscription.

Therefore, this course is for individuals who would prefer to pay US$99 for a 5-hour course on Monetary Policy, rather than US$250 for a one-year subscription to Macro Watch, which includes this course, an additional 43 hours of video content from the Macro Watch archives and approximately 25 new Macro Watch videos that will be uploaded over the next year.



About This Course

Monetary Policy is now arguably the most powerful force driving the global economy and the world’s financial markets.

Central banks prevented a new global Great Depression following the Crisis of 2008 by creating the equivalent of nearly US$15 trillion, thereby QUADRUPLING the global Monetary Base.

The smallest adjustment in Monetary Policy impacts the price of stocks, bonds, property, currencies and commodities.

This 5-hour video course explains:

  1. How central banks conduct Monetary Policy in the 21st Century;
  2. The extraordinary evolution of Monetary Policy over the last 100 years;
  3. The Monetary Policy of the Federal Reserve, the Bank Of Japan, the European Central Bank and the People’s Bank Of China during recent decades, with a particular focus on how those central banks responded to the Crisis of 2008, as well as on their current Monetary Policy stance; and
  4. The reasons behind the disappearance of Inflation.

It is impossible to understand developments in the global economy and the financial markets without understanding modern Monetary Policy.

After watching this course, you will understand how Monetary Policy has been carried out in the recent past; and why those policies were necessary.  Moreover, you will also have the knowledge required to better anticipate how Monetary Policy is likely to be conducted in the future and to understand the consequences that future Monetary Policy could potentially have for the world’s largest economies and for the world’s wealth.

The course is comprised of 13 Macro Watch videos and offers more than 450 downloadable charts.

Course Videos:

  1. The History Of US Monetary Policy
  2. Rate Hikes, Quantitative Tightening and Their Consequences
  3. QT: The Pain Is Just Beginning
  4. The Money Revolution
  5. Inflation Over The Last 100 Years
  6. QE Is Debt Cancellation
  7. The BOJ’s Radical Experiment
  8. The BOJ Goes Ballistic
  9. QE In Europe Is Ending
  10. Chinese Monetary Policy Part 1: Transforming The World
  11. Chinese Monetary Policy Part 2: Crisis Management
  12. All The Money In The World
  13. The Fed’s Historic Policy Shift




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