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The Fed Is A Hostage Of The S&P 500

The S&P 500 closed at a record high last week, while Gold hit a five-year high.  Stocks and gold spiked because a very rapid slowdown in the world economy has forced a globally coordinated loosening of Monetary Policy.  The new Macro Watch video explains the reasons behind the sudden U-Turn in global Monetary Policy and discusses…
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The Yield Crash Signals Pain Ahead

The collapse in Government Bond Yields during May was a clear signal that investors are afraid the stock market may be headed significantly lower.  The flight to quality out of stocks and into bonds occurred because the outlook for corporate earnings is deteriorating rapidly due to the US-China trade war. The earnings outlook is deteriorating for…
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What Are Bank Reserves?

When the crisis of 2008 began, the Reserves that commercial banks hold in their accounts at the Fed soared from $21 billion in 2007 to $2.4 trillion in 2014.  Many commentators concluded that the Fed’s policies and Quantitative Easing, in particular, were not working because the QE money was just piling up in the commercial banks’…
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The US-China Trade War Heats Up

With the US-China trade war heating up, it is important to understand what is at stake. This blog post provides a list of the most important Macro Watch videos on this subject. Macro Watch subscribers can log in and watch them all now. Click on the “Video Index” Tab in the menu bar, then “Videos…
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