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Understand Money

Monetary Policy is the US government’s most powerful economic policy tool. The Fed is currently creating $120 billion a month and pumping it into the financial markets. That explains why stock prices are so high and why interest rates are so low. Do you understand how Monetary Policy works? Watch these nine Macro Watch videos…
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Bank Reserves Are Irrelevant. QE Works!

Many people believe that when the Fed creates money through Quantitative Easing, that that money simply gets stuck in the banks as Bank Reserves and does nothing to help the economy. That idea is incorrect. The money the Fed creates is injected into the economy and stimulates economic growth.  The latest Macro Watch video clearly demonstrates…
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Dire Consequences Without New Stimulus

If Congress fails to pass a new economic rescue bill soon, the United States is likely to experience a new severe economic downturn that could bankrupt the US financial sector and destroy millions of additional jobs. The latest Macro Watch video shows how government fiscal support held the economy together during the first half of…
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The Velocity Of Money Is Irrelevant

Although the subject of the new Macro Watch video is the irrelevance of Velocity in the 21stCentury, the video begins with a brief comment on a more urgent matter, recent developments in the financial market.  It is clear that the recent selloff in the stock market and in the price of gold have resulted from the…
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