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America’s National Emergency

China surpassed the United States in Research and Development (R&D) investment last year.  This constitutes a national emergency for the United States on par with, or greater than, the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik in 1957.  If China continues to invest more in R&D than the United States does, it will soon become the world’s…
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Corporate Sector Concerns

The new Macro Watch video examines the balance sheet and the earnings of the US Corporate Sector.  They reveal a number of reasons to be concerned about the Sector’s health. Corporate debt to GDP is at a record high.  The previous three peaks in corporate debt to GDP were followed by recessions. The increase in Corporate Sector…
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Recommended Interview: How Much Will The Fed Print This Time?

I recently had a particularly interesting conversation with Cris Sheridan of Financial Sense Newshour.  I highly recommend it.  The topic?    The most extraordinary Monetary Policy U-Turn in the Fed’s 105-year history; and its implications for investors and for government policy. One year ago, the Fed was hiking interest rates and destroying $50 billion a…
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Household Wealth and Fed Policy

Business Investment is weak in the United States despite the recent large corporate tax cuts. Household Consumption, however, is holding up. Relatively strong Consumption has enabled the economy to grow by an average of 2.4% during the first three quarters of this year. Asset price inflation has played an important role in supporting consumption.  The new…
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