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Interview: Are We Heading Towards Massive Inflation?

I was recently interviewed for the first time by Marco Santarelli for the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast.  Our discussion focused on the outlook for Inflation. This is another interview that I highly recommend you listen to. Topics include: Why Inflation matters to investors. Why big budget deficits and large-scale money printing by central banks used…
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New Interview: Highly Recommended

I was recently interviewed by Patrick Donohoe for The Wealth Standard Podcast. If you want to understand how our economic system evolved into what it is today, what drives it now, and what opportunities it creates for our society and for us as individuals, then you need to listen to this interview. Patrick begins the…
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Debt, Credit and Wealth Soared In 2020

Total Credit in the United States soared by an astonishing $8 trillion last year to $83.5 Trillion, well above the previous peak increase of $5 trillion in 2007.   Household Wealth expanded even more, by $11.9 Trillion to $130 Trillion.  US Wealth has more than doubled over the past 12 years. At the end of 2020, Total…
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Interview: Liquidity, Inflation, Stocks and Property

I was recently interviewed by Hunter Thompson for the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast. This was an interesting and far-reaching conversation.  I highly recommend it. Topics covered include: The tidal wave of Liquidity that is now driving asset prices to new record highs. The US Treasury Department’s bank account at the Fed (i.e., the Treasury…
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