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Stimulus, Inflation, Stocks and Gold: What’s Ahead?

A $900 billion stimulus bill was passed by Congress in December.  President-elect Biden has just proposed a new $1.9 trillion Covid relief package.  Moreover, with the Democrats soon to be in charge of Congress, much more government investment in infrastructure and R&D is expected for this year and next. Will so much additional government spending cause significantly…
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Credit: A Year Like No Other

The latest Macro Watch video looks at some of the extraordinary developments in US credit and wealth during the first three quarters of 2020. It also considers what these developments have to teach us about how the outcome of the January 5th Senate races in Georgia could impact the economy, jobs and asset prices. Here…
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Big Stimulus Rally Ahead for Stocks and Gold?

An $892 billion stimulus bill was passed by Congress last night.  It is likely to push the price of stocks, gold and other asset classes higher.  The new Macro Watch video explains why. Macro Watch subscribers can log in and watch this video now.  It is 7 minutes long and contains 22 slides that can be downloaded. If you…
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Why China’s Winning

China’s economy is on track to overtake the United States economy as the largest in the world in less than eight years, if current trends continue. In 1990, the US economy was 15 times larger than China’s economy.  Last year, it was 50% larger.  By 2030, it looks likely to be 10% smaller.  The latest Macro Watch video…
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