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Stormy Weather Ahead

Posted October 15, 2021

Credit growth is slowing rapidly in the United States.  That is alarming because in the Twenty-first Century, Credit Growth Drives Economy Growth.   Total Credit Growth (adjusted

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Interview: Economic Crises

Posted October 8, 2021

I recently had a very interesting conversation with Kirk Chisholm for The Money Tree Investing Podcast. This interview provides a history of economic crises in

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The Liquidity Tsunami Is About To End Abruptl…

Posted September 25, 2021

On March 6th this year, Macro Watch published a video called “Liquidity Tsunami May Drive Asset Prices Much Higher”.  It argued that during the months ahead

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Slowing Inflation Won’t Stop Fed Taperi…

Posted September 18, 2021

Inflation in the United States slowed sharply during August.  The Core Consumer Price Index (Core CPI) rose 0.1% month-on-month in August.  That was down from 0.9%

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The Fed Has A Big Problem

Posted September 4, 2021

On Friday, the jobs report showed that only 235,000 new jobs were created in the United States during August. That was well below expectations of 728,000 new jobs. Up until

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Interview: Inflation or Deflation?

Posted August 27, 2021

Cris Sheridan recently interviewed me for the Financial Sense Newshour.  It was another good conversation.  I hope you will listen to it now. We discussed: Fed tapering

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