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Lessons From Comparing The Four Largest Central Banks

There is a great deal of concern in the United States regarding the large amount of money the Fed is creating through Quantitative Easing, currently $120 billion per month. Some fear this will result in persistently high rates of inflation.  Others believe it will cause the Dollar to collapse. The new Macro Watch video puts the potential consequences…
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Credit, Economic Growth and Inflation To Slow

Credit growth in the United States has peaked.  Since Credit Growth drives Economic Growth, that means economic growth has also peaked.  This strongly suggests that Inflation will soon begin to slow.  This explains why Gold, Commodity Prices and Bond Yields are falling. The new Macro Watch video discusses Credit Growth in the United States up through the first quarter.  It also presents estimates…
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Peak Growth = Peak Inflation?

The message from the Fed’s June 16th FOMC meeting was slightly more hawkish than the market had expected.  It indicated that the first rate hike may come at the end of 2023 instead of in 2024, as previously suggested. This relatively minor change in tone was enough to cause a major reevaluation regarding the outlook for…
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The Fed Is Preventing Negative Interest Rates Using Reverse Repos

Reverse Repurchase Agreements on the Fed’s balance sheet have surged from $0 in mid-March to $535 billion on June 10th. Many people have begun to ask if the suddenness of this development portends a new crisis in the financial markets. It doesn’t. The latest Macro Watch video explains what Reverse Repurchase Agreements are and why…
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