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Future Prosperity Depends On Government Debt

The most important thing to know about macroeconomics in the 21st Century is that Credit Growth Drives Economic Growth. In the United States, when Total Credit grows by less than 2% (adjusted for inflation), the country goes into recession.  That happened nine times between 1952 and 2009.  Therefore, it is very important to monitor and forecast Credit…
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Interview: Covid vs. Creditism

I was recently interviewed by Robert Helms and Russell Gray for The Real Estate Guys Podcast.  Please find the link to the interview below. Topics include: The outlook for the US economy, financial markets and interest rates in light of the Coronavirus. The effectiveness of the economic policy response to this crisis thus far. Why the…
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Will The Dollar Collapse?

A few years ago, Macro Watch published a video called The Dollar Standard: No Replacement In Sight.  It explains how the Dollar became the principal international reserve currency and discusses why the Dollar Standard is not going to end any time soon.  Here is the direct link to that video.  No password or Macro Watch subscription is required.  Just click…
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Interview: Surviving The Covid Crisis

I had a really good conversation with Patrick Donohoe for the Wealth Standard podcast recently.  I enjoyed this interview.  Its length made it possible to go into detail on many important topics.  I hope you will listen to it now. Topics include: Why it is important for investors to understand the tools the government uses to manage the…
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