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When Creditism Met Covid-19

Our economic system, Creditism, was fragile and on government life support before the Coronavirus hit the United States.  Now it is in intensive care. The new Macro Watch video describes the government policies that kept Creditism from collapse between the Crisis of 2008 and the end of 2019. It then looks ahead to consider what it…
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Interview: Lessons From The Covid-19 Crisis

I have done a lot of podcast interviews recently discussing the dire economic consequences brought about by the Coronavirus and what must be done to mitigate them.   I believe this is one of the very best.   I cannot recall another interview that captures my economic philosophy better than this one does in such a short space…
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US Banks On Life Support

The new Macro Watch video shows that, without the unprecedented support that the government and the Fed are providing to the economy during the Coronavirus crisis, it is likely that all the major banks in the United States would go bankrupt. It is easy to understand why.  Banks are highly leveraged.  The loans they have extended and…
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Interview: Libertarianism, R. I. P.

I was recently interviewed by Hunter Thompson for a Cash Flow Connections podcast.  We discussed the economic, political and geopolitical consequences of the Coronavirus. This is an interview you won’t want to miss, even if you have listened to all of the other interviews I have posted lately.   In this conversation, Hunter and I go off…
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