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Life During Wartime Part Two

The Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill this week.   That is not going to be enough. The new Macro Watch video, uploaded today, considers two scenarios of how much fiscal stimulus will be required this year to prevent the economy from collapsing: Scenario One assumes $2.5 trillion of fiscal stimulus will be required.  This is…
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Life During Wartime

A wartime effort will be required to defeat the Coronavirus and prevent the US economy from collapsing into a Depression.  But this war is very different from any we have fought before. The new Macro Watch video contrasts the war we are fighting today with World War II.   During World War II: US government debt jumped by…
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Interview: How To Prevent A Depression

This is the most important interview I have ever given.  Listen to it now. The global economy is being crushed by the Coronavirus.  Chaos reigns in the financial markets.  In this Financial Sense interview with Cris Sheridan, I lay out what must be done to prevent the United States economy from collapsing into a Depression. …
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Recession or Depression?

The United States economy will almost certainly fall into Recession this year because of the Coronavirus.  The outcome, however, could be very much worse than that.  Whether the US economy spirals into a Depression or merely a Recession will be determined by the size and the speed of the fiscal and monetary policy response to the…
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