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Bears Beware: Rate Cuts Ahead

Posted November 27, 2023

The stock market and the bond market have both rallied sharply this month on the belief that interest rates have peaked and that the Fed will begin cutting rates before

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Amazon: The King Of The Cloud

Posted November 15, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is being described as “the new electricity.” It is expected to transform nearly every industry and create enormous economic value, just as electricity did over a century ago,

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(Mis)Leading Economic Indicators Predicted A …

Posted October 28, 2023

For more than a year, most economists, me included, have expected the United States economy to fall into a Recession.  But that hasn’t happened. In fact, on Thursday it was reported

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Macro Watch: 10 Years Old Today

Posted October 20, 2023

Since October 20th, 2013, in more than 100 hours of videos, Macro Watch has explained the evolution of our economic system and the new forces driving the financial markets now

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Meta: Bringing AI To The Masses

Posted October 14, 2023

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is happening very quickly.  Those who understand AI can take advantage of it.  Those who don’t will be left behind. To help ensure that Macro Watch subscribers will

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Credit Trends Suggest A Recession Ahead

Posted September 28, 2023

This week, Macro Watch looks at trends in Credit Growth and Wealth Creation; and explains why those trends suggest the US economy will soon fall into Recession. Total Credit expanded

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An Intense Interview with Richard Duncan by M…

Posted September 22, 2023

Last week I did a live Twitter Spaces interview with Michael Gayed who provides great economic and financial markets commentary through his The Lead-Lag Report and to his 750,000 followers

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Alphabet: The Magnificent Seven, Part Two

Posted September 14, 2023

Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of the Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind, recently told the Financial Times:  “The “exponential trajectory” of AI meant that two years from now, the large language models at the

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Nvidia: The Magnificent Seven, Part One

Posted September 1, 2023

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution has begun. Over the next decades, AI is likely to transform the economy just as railroads, electricity, automobiles and the internet did in the past.  It is going

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Investors Should Beware Money Destruction

Posted August 15, 2023

This week Macro Watch examines the liabilities of five large central banks to explain how central banks create Money to pay for the assets they acquire, as well as how

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