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About Macro Watch

When the world stopped backing money with gold in the late 1960s, our economic system changed in a fundamental way. In Macro Watch, I provide a comprehensive – and easy to understand – explanation of how it works now and what that means for the financial markets.

Every two weeks, I upload a new video in which I analyze the forces and events currently impacting the global economy and moving the markets. Each video tends to be 15 to 20 minutes long and contains 20 to 30 downloadable slides and charts.

I never make investment recommendations (although I do share my opinions on the outlook for the economy and the financial markets). Instead, my goal is to provide you with a framework that will enable you to make better investment decisions for yourself, if you are an investor, or to understand more clearly the way the global economy and financial markets work now if you are a policymaker, journalist, business executive or student.

Subscribers also have access to two introductory video courses:

  1. Capitalism In Crisis: The Global Economic Crisis Explained
  2. How The Economy Really Works

These courses describe how the global economy was blown into an enormous credit bubble during the decades following the breakdown of the Bretton Woods International Monetary System. They also show that, in this new era of fiat money, credit growth drives economic growth, liquidity dictates the movements of the financial markets and the government attempts to control both credit growth and liquidity to ensure that the economy does not collapse. These are the core themes that the Macro Watch videos regularly build on.

Subscribers also have access to all the earlier Macro Watch videos going back to October 2013. Altogether, there are more than 75 hours of video content to begin watching immediately.


Macro Watch costs US$500 per year, but I frequently offer discount “coupon codes” that reduce that to US$250 per year. To subscribe, hit the orange “Subscribe” tab above and, when prompted, input your coupon code. (Look for the discount codes in my blog posts in the right column of this page.)

Thank you for your interest in Macro Watch.

Richard Duncan