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Introducing Creditism 101

These videos will be in addition to the conventional Macro Watch videos which typically focus on current developments in the global economy and how those developments are likely to impact asset prices.  Those videos will continue to be produced on a regular basis as before.

The Creditism 101 videos will detail how the replacement of gold-backed Money with fiat Money between 1968 and 1971, and the subsequent explosion of Credit in the United States, fundamentally altered our entire economic system by removing many of the most important constraints that had limited economic growth up until then.

These videos will also serve as an introduction to Macro Watch for new subscribers…

And as reference material that existing subscribers will be able to review whenever questions arise.

Macro Watch subscribers can log in now to see an outline of the most important topics that will be covered in this series.

This video is 10 minutes long and contains 27 slides that can be downloaded.


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A new video will be added approximately every two weeks.

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