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Money Creation Since 1914

  1. 1914 to 1920:  World War I
  2. 1920 to 1930:  After The War
  3. 1930 to 1941:  The Great Depression
  4. 1941 to 1945:  World War II
  5. 1945 to 1971:  The Bretton Woods Era
  6. 1971 to 2007:  After Gold
  7. 2007 to 2014:  The Crisis Of 2008
  8. 2014 to 2023:  The Covid Pandemic

The video discusses the rationale for the Fed’s actions during each of these periods.

It describes the developments that made it impossible for the Fed to continue backing Dollars with Gold after 1968.

And it illustrates the mind-boggling expansion of the Fed’s power once it was free to create as much money as it pleased.  For instance, in 1971, the year the Bretton Woods International Monetary System collapsed, the Fed created $9 billion.  In 2020, the Fed created $3.2 trillion, 356 times more than in 1971.

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