Macro Watch

$500.00 / year

Macro Watch costs US$500 per year, but I frequently offer discount “coupon codes” that reduce that to US$250 per year.

To join, hit the orange “Sign Up Now” tab below and, when prompted, input your coupon code. (Look for the discount codes in my blog posts on the Macro Watch homepage.)



Subscribers to Macro Watch will receive:

  • Approximately 25 Macro Watch videos per year. A new video will be uploaded roughly every two weeks.
  • Richard Duncan’s four video courses:
  1. Capitalism In Crisis:  The Global Economic Crisis Explained
  2. How The Economy Really Works
  3. Global Monetary Policy
  4. China’s Economic Crisis
  • Access to all past issues of Macro Watch*

*Please note: the first issue of Macro Watch was for the Fourth Quarter of 2013.




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