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China’s Economic Crisis: Watch Free Video

Sixteen months ago, I uploaded a Macro Watch video called “China’s Economic Crisis”.

In 14 minutes and with 32 charts, it explained why China’s great economic boom was coming to an end and what that would mean for the rest of the world:

  • Slowing global growth
  • Weakening global corporate profits
  • Falling commodity prices
  • Less growth in the commodity producing countries like Australia, Brazil and Canada, and
  • Downward pressure on the currencies of the commodity producing countries.

Now, with commodity prices crashing and the global economy moving rapidly back toward recession, I would like to make this video available to everyone.

Please find here a direct link to China’s Economic Crisis (no password required, just click and watch):


Macro Watch members can also now download the charts from this video for the first time.   (Go to Macro Watch: Second Quarter 2014, China’s Economic Crisis and click on “Download Charts: China’s Economic Crisis”.)

If you are not yet a Macro Watch member, I hope you will consider joining. For a 50% subscription discount worth US$250, click on the following link:


Then hit the “Sign Up Now” tab and, when prompted, use the coupon code: china

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  1. Richard, very good video. Some of the graphs say more than a thousand words. While looking at China in short term, it is never easy to spot any problem. But magnify it into 20 years, the trend is so clear.

    The government had pledged (in 2008) to reform the economy into a consumer-led model, they failed quite miserably.

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