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Thoughts On The Coronavirus

In the Macro Watch video uploaded today, I share my thoughts on the Coronavirus.

How long it is likely to last.

How it has impacted the global economy to date.

How it is likely to impact corporate earnings, asset prices and the global economy during the weeks ahead.

This video also discusses the drastic measures policymakers may take to prevent a stock market free-fall. 

It is not inconceivable that the Fed would begin to buy stocks directly to push the stock market back up.

If the markets continue to plunge, drastic policy measures should be anticipated.

Before the financial markets reopen on Monday, Macro Watch subscribers can log in and watch this video now.  It is 14-minutes long with 29 slides that can be downloaded.

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  1. The govt will have to step in and intermediate all credit transactions because nobody will know who has money. Critical to keep economy moving as though nothing is wrong. Everyday Americans cannot afford to miss a paycheck and the supplies of basics like food & medicine must continue uninterrupted to avoid mass panic. Fed will have to find a mechanism to get money to the masses. Helicopter Ben will look like Fay Wray to Jay Powell’s King Kong when this is all over.

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