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Course: The Magnificent Seven and The AI Revolution

The exponential growth in the power of compute combined with the extraordinary ability of machines to teach themselves is likely to make Artificial Intelligence the most rapidly adopted technology in history.

The speed at which the AI Revolution will unfold will make it very challenging for most people to keep up with what is happening.  Those who do stand to gain enormous rewards.  Those who don’t are likely to be left far behind.

They are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla.

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Nvidia: Building AI’s Infrastructure

Nvidia is at the center of the AI revolution because it designs and sells the platforms that enable Artificial Intelligence to work by providing the hardware and software infrastructure that is needed to train and deploy AI models.  25-minutes.  66 slides.

Alphabet: Powering AI’s Exponential Trajectory

Alphabet has been responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in AI over the last decade. Its contributions include developing TPUs, TensorFlow, the all-important Transformer, and several generations of path-breaking foundation models, as well as DeepMind’s success in unraveling the structure of protein folding, a scientific breakthrough with enormous significance for the future of medicine. 28-minutes. 50 slides.

Meta: Bringing AI To The Masses

This video shows Meta’s huge investments in AI, its commitment to incorporating AI into its products, and the fact that three billion people around the world use Meta’s platforms every day, make it likely that Meta will be THE company that brings AI to the masses. 24-minutes.  70 slides.

Amazon: King Of The Cloud

AI is powered by data, and data is stored in the Cloud.  Thanks to Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading Cloud services provider, Amazon is very well positioned to be among the top winners of this race.  It has the data, the chips, the platform, the customer base, and the determination to lead in this field, along with a massive R&D budget to back up its ambitions.  22-minutes.  58 slides. 

Apple: On-Device AI

Apple’s billions of loyal customers, app ecosystem, custom silicon, huge R&D budget, and track record of design brilliance make it very likely that Apple will be the global leader in the field of On-Device AI.  Moreover, it is only a matter of time before Apple devices come with built-in generative AI models that are as powerful as ChatGPT – even when they’re not connected to the internet.  19-minutes. 47 slides.

Microsoft’s AI Empire

Microsoft’s portfolio of businesses (cloud services, operating systems, business productivity and communications platforms, and gaming) form the perfect combination to make Microsoft the leader in this transformative technology. Add to that its partnership with OpenAI, a huge R&D budget, and boundless management ambition to be the leader in this field and the company appears unstoppable. Little wonder Microsoft is now the most valuable company in the world.  26-minutes.  68 slides. 

Tesla: Real World AI

Elon Musk intends for Tesla to bring Artificial Intelligence into the Real World by developing fully autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots that will drive you around, walk your dog and do your laundry.  This video shows that by harnessing enormous amounts of data, cutting-edge software, and massive computing power, Tesla is close to turning Musk’s vision into reality.  23-minutes.  58 slides. 

The videos in this course do not attempt to determine whether these companies are good or bad investments.  Instead, they show how the investments these companies are making in AI are bringing this transformative technology into existence.  The information in these videos should not be considered investment advice. 

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Course: The Magnificent Seven and The AI Revolution

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