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The Investor’s Podcast Interview 2024: Highly Recommended

Clay and I had a very interesting conversation about the forces driving the economy and the financial markets today.  It is crucial for investors, policymakers, and voters to understand that these forces are very different from those back in their grandparents’ days when Money was backed by Gold.

Capitalism has evolved into Creditism.  Until that is understood, there is no possibility of understanding the Macroeconomic environment we are living in or the grave dangers and the extraordinary opportunities our new economic system presents.

From an investor’s point of view, the most important things to understand about Creditism is that it requires Credit Growth to avoid collapsing into a new Great Depression and that the government will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that Credit does continue to grow.

Many Americans are appalled by the idea that the government is managing the economy.  Appalled or not, investors would be very unwise to ignore this fact.

With the foundations laid, Clay and I went on to discuss a number of other topics, including:

  • Why the United States economy defied economists’ expectations and avoided a recession in 2023, and what’s ahead for the economy in 2024.
  • Why, after years of massive money creation through Quantitative Easing, government borrowing on a large scale will not push up interest rates during the next few years.
  • How the Fed now controls the level of interest rates by paying interest on Bank Reserves, and why the Fed will soon bring down interest rates by paying a lower rate of interest on Bank Reserves.
  • Why the Fed will soon be forced to end Quantitative Tightening to prevent a new financial markets crisis and a stock market crash.
  • The simple way to reverse growing income inequality. 
  • The lesson that both political parties should learn from President Reagan’s successful economic policies.
  • The reasons to fear that China’s economy will soon collapse and the reasons to fear that it won’t.

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