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How The Economy Really Works

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So far, 450 of you have signed up for my on-line video course, Capitalism In Crisis: The Global Economic Crisis Explained. Thank you! I appreciate your interest and your support.

As you know, Capitalism In Crisis focuses on the past, on the causes of the crisis. Today, I would like to let you all know that I am working on a new course that will explain the present: How The Economy Really Works Now. I hope to launch it in July.

Therefore, I encourage everyone who has signed up for the first course to complete it as quickly as possible. In order to understand the present, it’s very helpful to understand the past.

For those who have not yet subscribed for Capitalism In Crisis, I recommend that you do.

Here is the link to the Course:


Take a look at the sample Lectures 1 and 7.

I am offering the Course to the subscribers of this blog for $25, a 75% discount to the normal price. To buy the course at that price, follow the step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this message.

However, if you can’t afford to spend $25, e-mail me at rduncan35@hotmail.com and I will send it to you for FREE.


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Restoring Stability After The Great Depression

Lecture 3: 1960s America: Too Much, Too Soon

Lecture 4: The End of Sound Money


Lecture 5: The Consequences of Unbalance Trade

Lecture 6: Foreign Exchange Reserves

Lecture 7: The (Im)Balance of Payments and the US Economic Bubble

Lecture 8: Flaws in The Dollar Standard


Lecture 9: How Credit Slipped Its Leash

Lecture 10: Creditopia

Lecture 11: Financial Sector Deregulation

Lecture 12: The Quantity Theory Of Credit


Lecture 13: Perpetuating The Boom

Lecture 14: Inflation – Deflation

Lecture 15: Concluding Remarks and Contact Details

Step-By-Step Instructions to buy this Course for $25

To access the Course go to this URL:


When you click on it, it should take you to the course page. There you will see a button that says: “Take This Course $100″

Just under that button, it says: “Redeem a Coupon”

Click on that. Then “Enter Your Redemption Code”, which is: Blog

Then (I think) it will ask you to “Signup”. Click on the “Signup” button on the bottom left corner of that box. Then input your name, e-mail address, and a new password that you create for Udemy. You can pick any password you like. It will be your Udemy password.

After that, you should be able to watch the Course. Let me know if there’s a problem.


  1. Just to say I am eagerly awaiting the new course.

    It pains me to read the papers and watch the news where commentators appear to completely ignore or not understand the role of debt/credit in our economies today.

    Bring it on Richard.

  2. I have not signed up to “Capitalism in Crisis” course as it appears to cover the same ground as your book “The New Depression” which I have read. Would this be correct?

    However I would be interested on your “How The Economy Really Works” course is there any update on this?

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