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My Best Interview

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For anyone who is interested in understanding my views on the global economic crisis, this is the video I would recommend watching, if I could only recommend one. In it, I am able to address almost all of the ideas I have tried to convey through my books and speeches over the past ten years. The pace is relaxed and the production quality is very good. It was filmed in a beautiful suite in the Trump Tower in Chicago.

The interview was organized, produced and conducted by Tim Verduin. Tim is the CEO of The Resilience Group, an insurance and financial services agency located in Crown Point, Indiana. I thought he asked all the right questions.

To watch the interview, click on the link at the bottom of this blog.

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OK. Here’s the link to the interview:



  1. Hi Richard,
    Found your interview a concise account of your thinking and helped connect all that I previously read.Regarding Government subsidies.Is it the case that the industry that is most subsidied is simply the Banking sector ,with the least accountable governance and the poorest regulation of all industries.Therefore it is the industry that will provide the greatest threat to the global economy.

  2. Dear Richard,
    Finally the missing pieces are falling together for me, thanks to your clear vision! I understand now that, given the urgency of this situation, quantitative easing is the right thing to do for central banks right now. And the opportunity to skip a new great depression would be large government investments with fiat money as long as this window is still open.
    You talked about investments in genetic and bio technologies. In my view there’s a risk similar to investing and bailing out the banking industry: mega rich corporations with way too much influence in politics and globalisation. My suggestion would be for the government to invest heavily in better education, complementary (homeopathic) healthcare and healthy food production and promotion. Prevention is always better then cure, don’t you think?
    I would love to discuss this topic with you, as a (mental) healthcare professional deeply interested in economics and I’m looking forward to reading your view about this.
    Thank you and my best regards,
    The Netherlands

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