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The Chips and Science Act

Today, The Chips and Science Act, authorizing a $280 billion government-funded investment in new industries and technologies, was signed into law by President Biden.

The Act authorizes the largest five-year investment in public Research and Development (R&D) in the nation’s history. 

The Chips and Science Act is of vital importance to the future of the United States as it will boost US productivity, accelerate economic growth, help the United States retain its position as the leading global technological superpower and, therefore, shore up US National Security.

This is an extraordinarily positive development.

It is also exactly the kind of investment I called for in my new book, The Money Revolution: How To Finance The Next American Century.

This week’s Macro Watch video:

  • Provides a brief overview of what The Chips and Science Act contains,
  • Explains why the investment authorized by this Act is crucial for the country’s future, and
  • Shows that while a $280 billion investment in the Industries Of The Future is an important first step in the right direction, it is still far too little relative to what is required – and relative to what the United States can afford to invest.

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