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The McAlvany Interview: QE 4? “They’ll have to.”

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The McAlvany Weekly Commentary is simply one of the very best sources of information and analysis on monetary, economic and geo-political news available to the public today.

Recently, David McAlvany invited me back to his show to discuss the state of the global economy at the end of 2014. It is always a pleasure to have a conversation with David. Here are some of the things we discussed:

• The latest developments in the central bank money-printing relay race.

• The outlook for global liquidity and why its growth will be inadequate to keep asset prices inflated.

• The inevitability of QE 4 and what will happen to Europe and Japan when it is announced.

• The limits of monetary policy.

• How low can interest rates go? And, can the financial system survive in a zero percent interest rate environment?

• The nature of our economic system today – 100 years after Capitalism died in World War I.

• China and why it will continue accepting dollars and buying US Treasury bonds.

• The outlook for stocks.

• The outlook for gold.

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Here’s the link to the interview:


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