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America’s Future: When’s The Day Of Reckoning?

This interview was conducted by Andrew Mazzone, President of the Henry George School of Social Science.  Click on the link below to watch the video.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

What caused the global economic crisis?

Was the crisis the result of a plan or did it just happen by chance?

What policy mistakes were made and why did the US government decide to drive the economy by credit expansion?

Why didn’t the government stop the off shoring of US manufacturing and jobs?

What are the prospects for the US middle class given the pressures they are facing as a result of globalization, particularly in light of Chinese currency manipulation?

Does the US government have a strategy that will help average Americans prosper (or even survive) during the years ahead?

How long can the government keep the US economy inflated with budget deficits and fiat money creation?  When’s the day of reckoning?

Will the Chinese Yuan become the new dominant international reserve currency?

What policies could turn around US economic prospects?

What are the political ramifications of this crisis likely to be?

How should Americans invest?

I believe you will find this Smart Talk interview interesting.  Andrew asked great questions and the production quality is high.  The interview is about a year old, but, in some respects, it is even better as a result, particularly in light of current political developments.

Click on this link to watch this free video:  http://www.hgsss.org/smart-talk-with-andrew-mazzone-and-richard-duncan/

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