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Interview: The Coronavirus Economy

I had a really great conversation with my friend Andy Tanner for The Cashflow Academy recently.

I highly recommend listening to this interview.

It covers so much of what is important now regarding the outlook for the economy, the correct economic policy response to the Coronavirus crisis, the nature and fragility of our 21st Century economic system, as well as the tools this post-Capitalist system presents us for overcoming this crisis.

Moreover, Andy is an especially engaging and talented host who knows how and when to ask the right questions.

Here are the “Show Notes”:


4:31: How Did The Fed Just Stabilize The U.S. Economy?

7:00: Where Will The Bailout Money Come From?

8:43: Will The Fed Buy Stocks?

13:25: How Will Coronavirus Change Stock Trading?

15:53: Where Does U.S. Debt Stand?

22:31: How Has The Fed Printed So Much Money & Avoided Inflation?

31:05: What Is The Future Of The Dollar?

42:32: Why Did Coronavirus Cause A Flight To Cash?

43:42: How Is Coronavirus Creating Demand & Supply Problems?

46:22: How Should You Invest In This Crisis?

Click HERE to listen to this Cashflow Academy interview now. 

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  1. Good Podcast…The Fed vs Fundamental….QE allover again…The government is directing the economy. If you don’t invest then you just sit on cash. For short term seems OK, but income and savings are coming down. Now it is the time to look for investment in companies that have a strong business fundamental. Basic necessity like electricity, water, food, and health are the sectors which should be considered. Gold is good to have, but it is better to invest carefully and timely than hoarding cash.

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