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Interview: Libertarianism, R. I. P.

I was recently interviewed by Hunter Thompson for a Cash Flow Connections podcast.  We discussed the economic, political and geopolitical consequences of the Coronavirus.

This is an interview you won’t want to miss, even if you have listened to all of the other interviews I have posted lately.  

In this conversation, Hunter and I go off in a number of interesting directions that were not touched upon in the earlier podcasts, including a little friendly sparring over the recent and timely demise of Libertarianism (may it rest in peace).  

I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast.  I believe you will be glad you did.

Topics include:

  • The vulnerability of US banks
  • China’s future after Covid-19
  • The indispensability of central banks during wartime
  • The outlook for interest rates and the prospects for Yield Curve Control in the US
  • The factors that cause Inflation, and
  • The danger that the United States will become a second-rate and vulnerable power within the next ten to twenty years.

Hunter asked great questions and allowed me the time to answer them fully by placing them within an appropriate historical context. 

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