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Interview: Lessons From The Covid-19 Crisis

I have done a lot of podcast interviews recently discussing the dire economic consequences brought about by the Coronavirus and what must be done to mitigate them.   I believe this is one of the very best.  

I cannot recall another interview that captures my economic philosophy better than this one does in such a short space of time.

In this conversation with Kerry Lutz for the Financial Survival Network, I discuss:

  • How to understand the forces that drove the global economy and the financial markets before the Coronavirus struck.
  • The devastating impact the Coronavirus is having on those key drivers of growth.
  • What the government must do now to prevent an unprecedented destruction of wealth and a new Great Depression.
  • Why the policy response to this crisis must be viewed as The Greatest Economic Experiment In History.
  • And the extraordinary opportunities that exist within this radically new economic environment in which we live today, as well as the urgency of grasping them.

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