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The Investors Podcast Interview – Highly Recommended

I recently spoke with Preston Psyh and Stig Brodersen for The Investors Podcast.  The feedback from this interview has been fantastic.  Preston and Stig ask excellent questions and allow plenty of time for meaningful answers. It is easy to understand why The Investors Podcast has developed such an enormous and devoted worldwide following.

I strongly suggest that you click on the following link and listen to this interview now:

The Investors Podcast


Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Will the Yield Curve invert?
  • How the Fed controls short-term interest rates
  • The factors that determine long-term interest rates
  • Why the Dollar will remain the dominate international reserve currency
  • Why a return to a Gold Standard will never happen
  • How the Fed is now destroying Money by reversing Quantitative Easing
  • When and how Quantitative Tightening will begin to negatively impact the financial markets
  • Will the stock market melt-up?
  • My recent work on the history of US Monetary Policy over the past Century
  • The outlook for the Dollar and Commodity Prices


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