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The Investors Podcast Interview. Highly Recommended

I recently had a very interesting discussion with Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen of The Investors Podcast.  I highly recommend that you listen to this free podcast now.

Topics discussed include:

  • My recent conversation with Alan Greenspan concerning how the creation of fiat money by central banks outside the United States caused the Fed to lose control over US interest rates, leading to the economic crisis of 2008.
  • The relationship between interest rates and the price of stocks and property.
  • The factors limiting how much the Fed can hike interest rates.
  • The risk that the United States will go back into recession this year.
  • Why the global economy works in a fundamentally different way now than it did under the Gold Standard or the Bretton Wood System.
  • How trade imbalances and capital flows completely restructured the global economy after 1971; and the difficulties and dangers in attempting to unwind those imbalances now.
  • How the crisis of 2008 would have played out in the absence of government intervention; and why there is still a very real danger that the world may yet collapse into a new great depression.
  • The absurdity of Ben Bernanke’s Global Savings Glut Theory as an explanation for the global economic crisis.
  • The outlook for the Dollar and what happened last time the Dollar moved higher.
  • The prospects for and implications of China’s One Belt, One Road project.


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