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Last Year’s Very Dangerous Moment: Watch Free Video

Last year at this time, the financial markets were gripped by panic following a surprise devaluation of the Chinese Yuan. At that time, I uploaded a video called, The Prospects For Asset Prices: A Very Dangerous Moment, in which I shared my views on the outlook for stocks, bonds, property, commodities and currencies.

Please find a free link to that video below.

Today, I am making that video public for two reasons.

  1. I am now working on the next The Prospects For Asset Prices video. So this will give Macro Watch subscribers a chance to review my forecasts from last year before the new video comes out.
  1. It will give people who have not yet subscribed to Macro Watch insight into the framework I use to analyze the economy and the financial markets.

I watched this video again today. I think it provides a very good introduction to Macro Watch. I hope you will agree.

After watching The Prospects For Asset Prices: A Very Dangerous Moment, if you would like to subscribe to Macro Watch, click on the following link:


For a 50% subscription discount worth US$250, hit the orange “Sign Up Now” tab (ignore the “$500 / year”) and, when prompted, use the coupon code: dangerous

More than 27 hours of Macro Watch videos are available to watch immediately. A new video will be added approximately every two weeks.

Finally, let me remind subscribers to watch the most recent video if you have not done so already. It’s called: Quantitative Easing Is Now Cancelling Half A Trillion Dollars of Government Debt Per Quarter. I think it is an important one.

OK.  Here’s the direct link to last year’s video (no password required, just click and watch):


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