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Podcast: Our Once In History Opportunity

The global economy may well collapse into a new Great Depression.  But if it does, it will be due to policy mistakes, not because of some preordained “laws” set down by 19thCentury economists.  

I recently spoke with Dr. Buck Joffrey, the host of the Wealth Formula Podcast.  We discussed the challenges facing the global economy in 2019 and why there is real cause for concern that policy mistakes could wreak havoc on economies and financial markets all around the world during the months ahead.

However, and, perhaps more importantly, I explained why I believe we are living in a unique moment in history that presents us with the extraordinary opportunity not only to avoid an economic crisis, but to invest in our future on a much greater scale than has ever before been possible.  

This conversation begins with a discussion of the causes of the economic and financial imbalances that produced the Crisis of 2008 – and that still threaten us today.  It ends with an explanation of why the economic doomsayers, trapped in a mindset from a different age, are wrong because they have not recognized the new circumstances in which we now live and the opportunities they present to us.

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