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Reminder: Watch Richard Duncan’s New Course, HOW THE ECONOMY REALLY WORKS

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Capitalism is dead. The government manages the economy now. In order to understand where the economy is headed and what that will mean for the direction of stocks, bonds, property and commodities, it’s necessary to understand how the government manages it.

My new video Course explains how our economic system works now.

It’s divided into 11 lectures.

Lecture 1: What’s Changed?
Lecture 2: Don’t Call It Capitalism
Lecture 3: Who’s In Charge?
Lecture 4: GDP 101
Lecture 5: Budget Deficits
Lecture 6: Where Does The Government Get And Spend The Money?
Lecture 7: Interest Rates, Inflation and Globalization
Lecture 8: Monetary Policy and Net Worth
Lecture 9: Trade Deficits and Their Impact On Asset Prices
Lecture 10: Credit Growth Drives Economic Growth
Lecture 11: Summing Up A Decade Of Work

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Our economic system has changed radically since we broke the link between money and gold in 1968. I believe it is very important for everyone to understand how it’s changed and how it works now.


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  1. Dear Richard,
    I enjoy and admire your interview with BFM this morning. Your view of the economy is really incisive, enlightening and is positive and equitable for all people.

    Money eg the dollar should be ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY based as opposed gold based ( this will unnecessarily and artificially limit genuine productive economic growth to avaliability of physical gold) or consumption based ( this will create bubble eventually i.e. econonomic growth out pacing sustainable productivity).

    I believe that economics have to evolve to be more of a reliable guide for governments to bring economic and social well being to all people. As you said it should guide government to invest in ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVE investments such as green technology, agriculture, enviromment and climate management,
    medicine etc. which promises to give the greatest economic productivity bang for the buck ! The government should lightly guide the invinsible hand for the benefit of all !
    Finally, I believe SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ART AND SOCIOLOGY IS THE MAIN DRIVER OF REAL ECONOMIC GROWTH. It is the should be supported by fiscal or monetary, education, etc policy.



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