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Renegade Inc. TV Interview. Highly Recommended

In this television interview for Renegade Inc., Ross Ashcroft and I discuss Creditism and the opportunities and dangers that exist at this unique moment in history.

The global economy no longer works the way it did when Money was backed by Gold.  After 1971, Capitalism evolved into Creditism. Creditism has pulled hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, but it is now in danger of breaking down into crisis because the private sector is too heavily indebted to take on more debt.

With Creditism in crisis, the global economy now faces very serious challenges.  In this interview, I offer ideas on how those challenges can be overcome. 

Renegade had kindly included a clip of Alibaba’s Jack Ma expressing similar views.

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  1. In this interview, Richard, you very clearly explain what creditism is, how it interacts with the deflationary forces of globalization and the great opportunity available to avert economic disaster and/or wasted opportunity by using relatively harmless government deficit spending to create a better society and higher living standards for most people.

    Your very articulate statements present such sensible solutions for poorly managed national economies that it is hard to believe that the controlling political and economic powers around the world so lack vision that they continue to bumble on creating far less beneficial outcomes for all people.

    Your clear explanation of sensible government deficit management is not matched by any other commentator who I have had the pleasure to hear speak on this subject.

    This is one of your best interviews in my opinion and it should be mandatory viewing for all people; particularly all students of economics, politicians, central bankers and people who want to create a better world for all.

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