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Interview: Are We Heading Towards Massive Inflation?

I was recently interviewed for the first time by Marco Santarelli for the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast.  Our discussion focused on the outlook for Inflation.

This is another interview that I highly recommend you listen to.

Topics include:

  • Why Inflation matters to investors.
  • Why big budget deficits and large-scale money printing by central banks used to cause high rates of Inflation in the past, but no longer do.
  • Why the Inflation Rate plunged during the 1980s even as President Reagan tripled US government debt during his eight years in office.
  • The recent change in the Fed’s attitude toward Inflation and how that change is likely to impact asset prices.
  • How decades of low Inflation led to the government’s current “Run The Economy Hot” strategy for fiscal stimulus and infrastructure spending.
  • Why Real Estate is a good Inflation hedge.

I hope you will listen to this interview now.

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