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A Particularly Good Interview

I recently had a particularly interesting conversation with Hunter Thompson, the host of the Cash Flow Connections Podcast.  I highly recommend it.  

Please find the link to the podcast below.

Topic discussed include:

  • The Fed’s current extreme monetary policy tightening.
  • A detailed explanation of how the Fed is now literally destroying $50 billion per month through Quantitative Tightening.
  • The risks involved in the US – China Trade War.
  • The danger that current government policies pose to the economy and your wealth.
  • Why the Dollar will not lose its status as the world’s most important Reserve Currency.
  • The lessons Austrian economists should learn from the successful policy response to the crisis of 2008 and, in particular, why their fears that inflation would surge were misguided.
  • The grave challenges still facing the global economy and how they can be overcome by implementing new policies made possible by the unique moment in history in which we live.

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Click HERE to listen to this interview now.

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