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A Synopsis Of The Money Revolution

Today’s Macro Watch video provides a synopsis of my new book, The Money Revolution: How To Finance The Next American Century.

It explains why I wrote this book and it summarizes each of the book’s 21 Chapters.  Please find the book’s Table Of Contents copied below.

After watching this video, you will understand the nature of the revolution in Money and Credit that has occurred during the five decades since Dollars ceased to be backed by Gold.  

You will also see that this revolution has created a new economic environment that offers the United States the opportunity to invest in new industries and technologies on a scale large enough to ignite a technological revolution that would turbo-charge economic growth, consolidate the country’s geopolitical preeminence, and vastly enhance human well-being, not only in the United States, but all around the world.

After you watch this video (or before), I hope you will:

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  • Then click on the social media icons at the bottom of this page to share this blog post with your colleagues and friends.  The message in this book is a message that needs to be heard.

The video is 45 minutes long and offers 98 slides that can be downloaded.  Yes, it’s a long video.  But the book has 500 pages and 250 charts and tables.  It took four years to write.

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Here’s the book’s Table Of Contents:

The Money Revolution: How To Finance The Next American Century


Part One: Money

Chapter 1: The Power Of The Fed

Chapter 2: 1914 to 1920 – World War I

Chapter 3: 1920 to 1930 – After The War

Chapter 4: 1930 to 1941 – The Great Depression 

Chapter 5: 1941 to 1945 – World War II

Chapter 6: 1945 to 1971 – The Bretton Woods Era 

Chapter 7: 1971 to 2007 – After Gold

Part Two: Credit

Chapter 8: Credit Creation By The Banking System 

Chapter 9: Credit Creation By The Financial Sector 

Chapter 10: Credit Creation By Foreign Central Banks 

Chapter 11: Creditism

Chapter 12: 2007 to 2016 – Crisis and Response 

Chapter 13: Creditism Between The Crises 

Chapter 14: Pandemic

Chapter 15: Inflation

Part Three: The Future

Chapter 16: America Must Invest

Chapter 17: Inadequate Investment

Chapter 18: R&D – The Future Depends On It 

Chapter 19: The United States Can Afford To Invest 

Chapter 20: Monetize The Debt

Chapter 21: An Investment Revolution


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