Excellent Podcast Explaining The US-China Trade War

In this Financial Sense podcast, Cris Sheridan and I discuss all aspects of the US-China Trade War, including why it could be a turning point in history, one that not only stops China’s rise, but also sinks the entire world into a new Great Depression.

Topics discussed:

  • President Trump appears to have launched this trade war because he views China as a grave threat to the United States that must be stopped.
  • China’s economic growth model of export-led and investment-driven growth was in crisis even before this trade war got underway.
  • Therefore, China will not capitulate to Trump’s demands, but will fight back, since meeting those demands would crush China’s economy and endanger the Chinese Communist Party’s grip on power.
  • The numerous ways a trade war would severely damage China’s economy.
  • Why the United States would also suffer a painful economic slump that would throw millions of Americans out of work and destroy many trillions of dollars of wealth.
  • The reasons the rest of the world would also be dragged into an economic depression along with China and the US.
  • How this crisis came about. Who supports the current “free trade” status quo and who supports Trump in overturning it – and why.
  • An alternative, win-win scenario that would avoid a trade war, accelerate global economic growth and ensure the continued economic and geopolitical dominance of the United States for decades to come.


This discussion summarizes the work presented in a recent three-part Macro Watch series analyzing the US-China trade war.  After listening to this interview, if you would like to subscribe to Macro Watch at a 50% discount, click on the link below and, when prompted, use the discount coupon code:  financial



Click HERE to listen to this podcast now.

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