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Frank Answers To Tough Questions: Free McAlvany Podcast

I strongly recommend that you listen to this free podcast.

My friend David McAlvany interviewed me for the highly respected McAlvany Weekly Commentary a few days ago. It was a great  conversation. He asked me a series of excellent, tough questions. You will find many of my answers more frank than usual – in part, because some of them were given after I thought the mic had been turned off.  The interview was better as a result.

We covered a wide range of important topics:

  • The great Dollar Standard Boom & Bust Cycle behind the current global economic crisis
  • The details of China’s economic Hard Landing (as discussed in the recent 5-video Macro Watch series)
  • The exhaustion of Creditism – in the US and around the world
  • Why schools of economic thought developed in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries do not provide the solution to our 21st century economic crisis
  • A modern strategy to achieve unprecedented prosperity
  • Investing successfully in a world where asset prices float on an ocean of fiat money

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