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Interview: Why Asset Prices Could Keep Surging

I was recently interviewed by Keith Weinhold for Get Rich Education.

We discussed why the Fed is unlikely to tighten Monetary Policy any time soon and why that means stock prices and property prices are likely to keep moving higher.

Topics include:

  • The tidal wave of Liquidity that is now entering the financial markets and pushing stock prices and home prices to new record highs.
  • Why the Fed does not expect Inflation to move higher on a sustained basis during the coming quarters despite the extraordinary surge in the Money Supply over the last year.
  • Why the Fed focuses on wage price inflation but ignores movements in Commodity prices.
  • The reasons wage price inflation is likely to remain muted, not only this year but well into the future.
  • Why the Velocity Of Money no longer impacts the Inflation Rate.
  • The Fed’s ability to peg government bond yields at any level it chooses, and why it has not yet intervened to hold yields down given the surge in bond yields during recent months.

This is an important conversation that helps explain the frenzy currently raging in the financial markets.  I hope you will listen to it now.

After you do, for a much more detailed explanation of all these topics and to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the economy and the financial markets really work in the 21st Century:

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Click HERE to listen to this Get Rich Education interview now.  The interview begins at the 7-minute mark.

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