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Interview: Economic Crises

I recently had a very interesting conversation with Kirk Chisholm for The Money Tree Investing Podcast.

This interview provides a history of economic crises in the United States from 1914 to the present – their causes, how the government responded to them, their consequences, the lessons learned from them and what that all means for the future of the economy and the financial markets during the months and years ahead.

Topics covered include:

  • The radical change in the US economy (and the global economy) that occurred when Dollars ceased to be backed by Gold fifty years ago.
  • How the economy really works now, and the forces that drive the economy and the financial markets today.
  • The factor that has had the greatest macroeconomic impact in recent decades.
  • Quantitative Easing demystified: what it is and why it reflated the economy and drove asset prices to record highs following the Crisis of 2008 and following the economic collapse brought about by Covid-19.
  • The Fed is about to begin Tapering QE.  How Tapering is likely to impact the financial markets. 
  • Why there was so little inflation following the first three rounds of Quantitative Easing between 2008 and 2014, when the Fed created $3.5 trillion, expanding its assets by five times.
  • Since Credit Growth now drives Economic Growth, how long can this go on and what’s the End Game?
  • How the United States can take advantage of the opportunities that our new economic system presents, not simply to prevent this system from collapsing but to radically accelerate economic growth and underpin US national security.
  • The potentially catastrophic consequences if we fail to grasp those opportunities.
  • And, finally, what all these lessons suggest about the near-term outlook for stocks, property, interest rates and gold.

I hope you will listen to this interview now.

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