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Tesla: Real World AI

“People think of Tesla as a car company when they should think of it as an AI-Robotics company”, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said recently.

Musk has also said, “Tesla has the best Real World AI team on earth, period.”

The new Macro Watch video on Tesla explores what Musk means when he discusses “Real World AI” and what Tesla is doing to bring AI into the real world.  It is the seventh in a series on The Magnificent Seven, the US tech giants at the forefront of the AI Revolution.

When Musk talks about Real World AI, he’s not thinking of Large Language Models, or GPTs, or AIs whispering into your ear through your Apple Vision Pro headset.  He means AI physically in the world – driving you around, walking your dog and doing your laundry.  

He means fully Autonomous Vehicles and Humanoid Robots.

In October, Musk said, “Success in this regard in the long term, I think has the potential to make Tesla the most valuable company in the world by far. If you have fully autonomous cars at scale and fully autonomous humanoid robots that are truly useful, it’s not clear what the limit is.”

AVs and robots are not possible without Artificial Intelligence. 

For all the details, Macro Watch subscribers can log in and watch this 23-minute video now.  It contains 58 slides that can be downloaded.


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