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TIP Interview: “One Of My Favorites This Year”

“This is one of my favorite interviews of the year so far. Richard @PaperMoneyEcon brings the 🔥 fire,” tweeted Trey Lockerbie, regarding our recent conversation for The Investor’s Podcast.

Given all the brilliant interviews Trey has conducted this year, I considered that comment a great complement, indeed.

I hope everyone will listen to this interview now.

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Topics covered in this interview include:

  • Creditism is now on the brink of Crisis with Credit contracting and asset prices falling.
  • The disaster scenario confronting the Fed.
  • Why the US Federal Funds Rate is likely to exceed 5% by Q2 2023.
  • Why “Something Is Likely To Break” leading to lower lows across all asset classes, including double-digit declines in the housing market.
  • The recent crisis in England’s pension industry, the Bank of England’s response to it, and why the Fed will follow the BOE’s example when something breaks in the US.
  • The consequences of and lessons to be learned from the Dollar hitting a 20-year high despite so many earlier forecasts predicting its collapse.
  • Why the world will never return to a Gold Standard.
  • How the Fed makes profits; and why it has swung from being the most profitable “company” in the world last year ($107 billion) to losing money in recent months.
  • What must be done to restore the Fed’s extraordinary profits (which the Fed is required to hand over to US taxpayers every year).
  • Bank Reserves explained at last.
  • Reverse Repurchase Agreements explained at last.
  • The new way the Fed controls interest rates.
  • Why China may soon have the rest of the world at its mercy and how to ensure that never happens.

Click HERE to listen to this wide-ranging The Investor’s Podcast interview now.

I strongly suggest that you do.

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