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Announcing MACRO WATCH

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With this blog, I am launching Macro Watch, a subscription-based video newsletter that analyzes trends in credit growth, liquidity and government policy in order to anticipate their impact on asset prices and economic growth.

Macro Watch will be published quarterly. Each issue will be approximately one hour long and will be broken into a number of separate video presentations.

In the first issue of Macro Watch, I explain why I believe the Fed will be forced to continue its policy of Quantitative Easing at a pace of $500 billion to $1 trillion a year in both 2014 and 2015; and I discuss how that is likely to impact the price of stocks, bonds, property, commodities and currencies going forward.

The nature of our economic system changed in 1968 when the United States stopped backing dollars with gold. In this new age of fiat money, the economy does not work the way did in the past. Today, credit growth drives economic growth, liquidity determines the direction of asset prices and the government attempts to control both credit and liquidity through aggressive policy intervention.

The importance of these changes cannot be overstated.

Through Macro Watch, I will track, interpret and forecast the changing nature of our economic system.

I hope you will join me.

With best regards,


The cost of a one-year subscription to Macro Watch is US$500. For the next two weeks, I am offering it to you, the subscribers of this blog, for US$250 for the first year.

To subscribe to Macro Watch at a 50% discount, go to:


Click on the box, “Sign Up Now”.

That will take you to the Checkout page.

There, two lines below “Checkout”, it asks:

“Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

Click on that and enter your code, which is: announcement

Then, after you fill in your billing address, check the “terms and conditions” box and hit “Sign Up Now” you will have immediate access to:

1. Macro Watch: Fourth Quarter 2013, and
2. Two video courses: Capitalism In Crisis and How The Economy Really Works

Future issues of Macro Watch will be uploaded onto my website near the beginning of each quarter.

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