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McAlvany Interview: Very Highly Recommended!

David McAlvany knows how to conduct a great interview.  His McAlvany Weekly Commentary podcast is one of the most respected in the industry.  I’ve spoken with David practically every year since The Dollar Crisis was published in 2003. He asks hard-hitting, but fair, questions that cut to the heart of the subject being discussed.

I strongly recommend you listen to the conversation David and I had recently.  You will find the link to the interview below.  

This interview is one of the best of the year.

We discussed:

  • The Coronavirus Depression
  • The outlook for the US budget deficit and debt
  • How many trillion dollars the Fed is likely to create this year and next
  • The evolution of Capitalism into Creditism once Dollars ceased to be backed by Gold
  • Why orthodox economic theory can no longer explain the way the economy works today
  • The advantages of “Kicking The Can Down The Road”
  • The outlook for inflation
  • The irrelevance of the Velocity Of Money
  • Yield Curve Control 
  • Why Central Banks are essential in times of crisis
  • The threat China poses to US national security
  • Biden’s plan to invest $300 billion in Research and Development
  • Government policy and asset prices
  • The outlook for the stock market and Gold

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  1. I have listened to that YouTube video multiple times. Your smart analysis of the current geopolitical events is unique, and refreshing. I couldn’t help but sign up for your newsletter.

  2. Richard, my takeaway from listening to your interviews for a long time has been that increasing productivity via massive investment in technology (AI, biotechnology, etc.) is the solution to our indebtedness. Austerity will backfire. It would be helpful if you and Dr. Lacy Hunt were brought into the same room to discuss this topic.

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